Electricity – Natural Gas – Solar – Biofuel – Hydro

We work with industrial, commercial, and governmental clients to reduce energy usage in processes and buildings. We use our extensive experience in both energy conservation and renewable energy to provide site surveys, to conduct energy studies, and to prepare energy analysis reports for conservation, and renewable energy projects. Our technical staff includes both mechanical and electrical registered professional engineers.

We provide complete energy conservation services including initial scoping site visits, energy studies, report preparation, and incentive application assistance.   We also offer consulting services for renewable energy projects. Our typical services include:

  • Reviewing your current energy situation and recommending action to achieve lower energy costs.
  • Conducting energy studies including data logging and energy modeling, and preparing detailed energy analysis reports.
  • Providing assistance in preparing applications for financial incentives and tax credits.
  • Training your staff in the basics of energy usage and conservation.

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