Public and Non-Profit

RHT Energy has worked as energy analysts and on an ongoing consulting basis with numerous public and non-profit entities. Public and non-profit entities cannot take advantage of the tax credits that are often essential to offset the cost of implementing energy efficiency measures in order for the projects to be cost-effective. Once our energy evaluations uncover energy efficiency saving potentials, RHT works closely with these entities to research available grant opportunities that may be available to them to increase the likelihood that the projects will be implemented so that the client can reap the energy costs savings for years to come. Usually public and non-profit entities are in a position where it is essential that they show leadership in their communities.  In recommending energy efficiency measures, RHT takes into account the clients’ position in the community, the energy savings that will be achieved, employee comfort and safety, as well as other non-energy related benefits that may be inherent in the projects.
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