Solar Suites

Prior to moving to our new office building on Stowe Avenue, RHT Energy (RHT) was located in two buildings on back-to-back lots, one on Court Street and the other on Boardman Street. The parking lots for each building joined between the buildings, and was an ideal spot to install solar panels. In March of 2008 RHT installed two 5,000 watt solar arrays in this parking lot, one for each building. The systems use Mitsubishi 170 watt panels and Fronius inverters which annually provided about 80% of RHT’s power needs. The two arrays powered both of RHT’s former offices and provided a solar shade for employee parking. The support structure was designed by Dave Morris (PE at RHT) and captures the optimum fixed angle for maximum solar collection. In order to meet City codes the structures had to be able to withstand 95 mph wind gusts, 25 pound-per-square-foot snow load, and meet requirements for Seismic Zone D1.   The PV installation was done by Electron Connection of Hornbrook, California and the structure built by Progressive Builders of Medford, Oregon.
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