Stowe Avenue

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In 2012 RHT Energy (RHT) installed a solar power system at our office on Stowe Avenue.   The system has a total capacity of 9,870 watts, and provides about 70% of RHT’s electrical power needs annually.   The system uses solar panels manufactured by Solar World in Hillsboro, Oregon. The solar panels also provide shade for employee parking.   The DC electrical power from the array of 235 watt panels is converted to AC electrical power by a Fronius inverter.   The support structure was premanufactured and installed by Baja Construction, providing the optimum fixed angle for maximum solar collection.   The solar panel and inverter installation was done by True South Solar .
The RHT solar system on Stowe Avenue was the first system in southern Oregon utilizing the bulk purchasing agreements initiated by Rogue Solar. Working with Rogue Solar helped keep the cost of the solar panels as low as possible.