Renewable Energy

RHT Energy, as a consulting engineering firm, has no vested interest in selling any product. Our only objective is to save energy, enabling RHT to act as a third party verifier for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, with no ulterior motives. Our staff conducts on-site solar assessments and determines if the clients are viable candidates for solar. We calculate the Total Solar Resource Factor (TSRF), estimate costs, and factor in incentives, depreciation and tax credits to calculate the clients’ returns on investment. Depending on the size of the system and if a client can take advantage of all the incentives and tax credits, it is common to have the cost of solar PV installations recouped in as little as four to five years. RHT installed a 10kW solar PV system on our prior offices and again on our new office. Please click RHT Solar Power System for additional information. In addition to solar, RHT provides renewable energy services for biofuel and hydro projects.

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems can make good sense when a company or facility is able to utilize the waste heat created by the engine that is spinning the generator. For example, in larger facilities waste heat from the engine can be utilized to provide heated water to swimming pools, spas, and laundry rooms, or to supplement building space heating. Thus in addition to offsetting electricity usage, CHP can provide significant savings in heating fuel costs. RHT Energy can work with you to develop a combined heat and power (CHP) strategy that works for your company. RHT is a proven leader in energy conservation and renewable resources for industrial firms, commercial businesses, and governmental agencies. How can we assist you?